Fei Liu

Internship Testimonials

Class of 2020

Fei Liu

Pre-MBA Job Title

Quality Control Associate, United States

Internship Company

Quality Assurance, DCH Auriga, Hong Kong

Throughout my MBA journey, I have been mentored by the Vice President and General Manager of Asia 5, a Multinational Corporation Pharmaceutical company, who helped me land my current internship at leading Asian pharmaceutical distributor; DCH Auriga.

Coming from a pure technology background, I was never exposed to business related responsibilities. Pursuing an MBA has given me the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained towards my internship, allowing me to experience first-hand strategic thinking, project management, communication and presentation soft skills.

As the internship comes to an end, I will take away the importance of soft skills within a business environment. I have enjoyed my journey with a Hong Kong based company, and from it gained a deeper understanding of my career ambition to work for a multinational pharmaceutical corporation.