Full-time MBA

Wonwoo Jang

Wonwoo Jang
Class of 2019

My name is Wonwoo Jang and with an academic background in biomedical engineering my career has been in the healthcare field where I did customer based engineering work as a Field Service Engineer in GE. For 6 years in GE, I led projects installing medical equipment and I managed top tier customers in Korean hospitals.  I was able to build up two key abilities; customer management skills and project management skills. Now, I want to make a transformation which takes me to the next career level in the healthcare industry. I want to expose myself to different industries, build up my finance abilities and broaden my networks and business perspectives in Hong Kong.

The reason why I joined this particular MBA in Hong Kong is to understand the China market in the healthcare industry. Recently, multinational hospitals and companies, including in Korea, have been trying to expand their markets in mainland China and Hong Kong is the gateway to that. Also, Hong Kong is a great environment for my career success. Right now, I need intensive work experience in Hong Kong which is commercially international and a meeting point for the cultures of East and West. This kind of environment will broaden my business perspectives. I enjoy challenge and I am eager to build my career.  Hong Kong is the right place for that spirit.

My short term goal is to work in a multinational medical equipment company as an APAC regional product manager and play a key role in driving growth and successfully penetrating new markets. In the long-term, I want to work for the healthcare consulting firms that provide bio-tech or healthcare related total solutions to clients. Especially as a consultant working with Korean hospitals and government agencies, I want to assess the business feasibility of Korean medical groups that plans to enter the China market.

Since I joined the MBA, I have been actively participating in or organising a variety of events as a director of the Consulting Club and as a class representative, at the same time. We have faced challenges day by day yet every one of my classmates enjoys their MBA journey, collaborating with each other as one team in HKU MBA.