Part-time MBA

Tiffany Tong

Tiffany Tong
Class of 2021
Hong Kong

I came to Hong Kong to pursue my dream of working in the banking industry after graduating from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Having worked in both retail and institutional banking, I developed a deep knowledge of the operational models of banks and what is required to improve their customer journey. <br>
I chose the HKU MBA programme because I wanted to further my professional skills in the banking industry, as well as to solidify the management skills required to enhance my career. The huge selection of electives broadened my perspectives of the banking industry. My favourite class is “Introduction to FinTech and its impact on the Future of Banking and Finance”, where I learned how the banking industry is changing with each technological advancement. It changed the way I think about banking.<br>
The long term rewards for joining the HKU MBA programme include the further development of my career as well as my renewed curiosity to continuous learning and the broadening of my knowledge and skills.<br>
The MBA education, exposure, and experience will enable me to become a successful business leader. The classmates and programme alumni will become an essential network for me in the future.