Full-time MBA

Paul Liu

Paul Liu
Class of 2022

My name is Paul Liu and I was born in Guangzhou, China and have studied in Singapore, Canada, and Australia. I obtained a BBA from the University of Toronto where I specialised in finance. Prior to the MBA I worked at a multinational bank in Hong Kong, managing and executing internal projects for the group.

Having studied abroad for more than 15 years I felt that it was time to start my career in my home country. Although I have a diverse background, I lack concrete knowledge and experience operating in a Chinese business environment. The HKU MBA is a prestigious programme and its curriculum places much emphasis on China as well as the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore the HKU MBA is the best choice for me as it connects the East and the West while providing me with a good transition into the region.

Getting an MBA would allow me to expand my professional network as well as build up my managerial skillset and knowledge. Students come to the programme from different cultures and professional backgrounds allowing for an ideal platform for students to connect with, and learn from, other industry professionals. In addition, the comprehensive curriculum exposes students to the latest developments across different industries while equipping students with skills for the future.

I have found the HKU MBA experience to be most enjoyable. Although it is packed with classes and events in the first two semesters we have been able to build friendships with other classmates quickly. Courses are often taught by industry experts who possess rich practical experience in their particular sectors. I especially like the class discussions because students from different backgrounds are actively sharing many perspectives on a common topic. My Career Development and Training manager has also provided a lot of useful career advice and has connected me with people in my industry of interest.