Full-Time MBA

Olivia Ying

Olivia Ying
Class of 2019
Mainland China

I grew up in Shanghai and spent the past 7 years in Tokyo, where I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Communication Studies at Waseda University and began my first career. I joined Revamp Corporation, a consulting and venture capital firm, as a consultant soon after graduation. In an open and international working atmosphere as well as under the leadership of my supervisor, Mr. Yonemoto, my analytical skill was significantly improved by processing massive real-world data, and my teamwork ability was honed by professional collaboration with members from diverse backgrounds. Although I communicated with clients from various industries including media contents, tourism, retailers, food and beverage, and others, I found my interest was in marketing in several specific industries such as media and luxury, rather than consulting broadly on various subjects.

Later and before my MBA, I joined a multi-national graphic design start-up as a partner and director of marketing and business development in both Shanghai and Tokyo. However, when I took a step back and re-evaluated the career life I had gone through, I realised that my limited business and management knowledge might constrain me from succeeding to a higher level. Therefore, I decided to take the opportunity to further myself theoretically and practically with a comprehensive and refined MBA degree from the University of Hong Kong.

Having experienced my MBA life for over 3 months, I feel fortunate to have met classmates from different career backgrounds and to learn about different industries from them. I am fortunate too, with the help of the Career Development Office, to be connected with a mentor from a top position in the industry I would like to go into, and to have the privilege of taking elective courses at London Business School and experiencing a different culture; and all this within a short but intensive 14 months. Undoubtedly, the HKU MBA journey will be one of the most unforgettable and precious experiences of my life.