Full-time MBA

Iris Xie

Iris Xie
Class of 2019
Mainland China

After I graduated from law schools in China and UK, I went to Shenzhen and worked as an international commercial lawyer to provide legal services for domestic and overseas companies, especially for general aviation companies in Mainland China, HK and the US. Having made contact with many business elites throughout my ten or more years’ of work, I have deeply felt the importance of business acumen to the work of commercial law. Though most of my friends and colleagues thought I am already a highly competent firm partner, possessing more than eight years’ managerial experience, I am still convinced that an MBA programme will bring a qualitative leap to my business knowledge and competence and further accelerate my growth into someone with interdisciplinary managerial talent in the fields of both management and law. It is this deep conviction that motivates me to temporarily give up my enviable job and apply for an MBA programme.

The reason why I choose HKU is because the HKU MBA programme advocates the philosophy of “Asia-Pacific focus”, and I was also told by other alumni that the courses involved here emphasise the economic and business environment in Asia in a global context. That is exactly what I expect from my MBA journey. Now I have been studying in this programme for more than 3 months, I truly believe such a set of practical courses will allow me to flexibly use theoretical knowledge and management philosophies to help my clients to overcome challenges that Chinese and Asian enterprises will face during their development in both the global and regional business environment.

Apart from the set practical courses, HKU MBA frequently organises different kinds of events outside them to enrich our MBA experience, such as job interview workshops, company executive talks, hiking, networking and other activities. Those events enable all the classmates to know each other more and learn from each other, which I think is one important and valuable part of this programme.