Industry Focus Alumni Panel: Industry Insights & Career Development in Finance (Private Equity / Venture Capital Investments)

It was our pleasure to have our MBA alumni to share their Finance expertise, exclusively in Private Equity, Venture Capital and Investment sectors with our students and alumni on 24 Feb. Our panellists shared lots of useful industry insights and career advice, the importance of having a strong network and technical skills in this sector, ways to train your investment thoughts and develop strategic plans, etc.

The sessions provided very solid industry knowledge and what qualities you need to succeed in finance, and our participants were able to mingle with each other for the latest market updates, information exchange and having up close and personal conversations such as individual job hunting tips and tactics advice on how to switch careers after finishing the programme. Special thanks to our panellists Jasneet Anand, Jesse Park, Kartik Parameswaran, Tracy Yin, Raghavendra Jaipuria and our moderators Summer Han and Jeffrey Zhang!