China Immersion Programme Field Trip

The HKU MBA’s China Immersion Programme offers an immersive experience in Chinese culture and business for all students at the beginning of their course. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the programme is designed to showcase the best of Chinese culture here within Hong Kong, providing an experience to foster academic learning, inspire cultural conversations, and offer some hands-on activities.

The first session this year was kicked off by an all-day field trip to Lantau Island, one of the largest islands in Hong Kong and steeped in history. Our Full-time students visited Ngong Ping via cable car to witness the majestic outdoor bronze Buddha statue “Big Buddha”, also known as Tian Tan Buddha, followed by a uniquely Chinese vegetarian lunch from Po Lin Monastery. Students then embarked on a heritage walk to explore Tai O fishing village which included visits to the Kwan Tai Temple, built-in 1488 to honour the God of War and Righteousness, as well as the local market, one of the oldest and most vibrant in Hong Kong, immersing themselves in the local street culture and lifestyle.