Career Development and Training: Mentorship Networking Event

The HKU MBA Mentorship Programme aims to match senior industry executives with students for the purpose of relationship and network building, as mentors are able to provide guidance and advice to students, as well as share relevant industry sector insights.

Last week, we hosted a lively and engaging virtual networking session with our mentors! In our panel sharing session, Dr. Rajeev Chib, Marco Liu, and Moski Mok shared stories about their interactions with their students, and what they have experienced so far in the last few months of their mentorship journey. During our small group sessions, the mentors exchanged great dialogues between one another, getting to know one another and learning more from each other on their mentorship experience.

Many thanks again to our MBA mentors for your continuous support to the students and the programme! Your professional and industrial insights have enriched our students’ career development experience tremendously.