Badminton Tournament 2022

The HKU MBA badminton tournament, a long-awaited flagship event for the MBA community, was held on 5 June at the HKU Flora Ho Sports Centre. The event was supported and organised by our alumni Stanley Chan, Edmund Chan and Marc Lai.

This year, a total of 40 alumni, students and staff members participated in five fun-filled competitions, showcasing their badminton skills. After rounds of keen competitions, here are our winners!

1. Men’s Singles:
A) Champion: Chen Zhao
B) First runner-up: Haojun Chen
C) Second runner-up: Jimmy Chan

2. Men’s Doubles:
A) Champion: Chen Zhao & Haojun Chen
B) First runner-up: Bin Li & Vincent Wang
C) Second runner-up: Alex Wu & Frankie Ho

3. Women’s Singles:
A) Champions: Pamela Lee
B) First runners-up: Angeline Widjaja
C) Second runners-up: Samantha Pei

4. Women’s Doubles:
A) Champions: Athena Chau & Angeline Widjaja
B) First runners-up: Catherine Fung & Stella Liu
C) Second runners-up: Agnes Chan & Samantha Pei

5. Mixed Doubles:
A) Champions: Anson Wan & Pamela Lee
B) First runners-up: Edmund Chan & Catherine Fung
C) Second runners-up: Marc Lai & Athena Chau