Alumni Webinar Series: MBA Success Stories – Female in Leadership Position by Amy Hau (Class of 2019)

Last Wednesday we held our Alumni Webinar Series: MBA Success Stories, in which we spoke about women in leadership. The webinar was conducted by our alumna, Amy Hau, who has over 10 years of expertise in management, and currently holds a leadership position at a multinational corporation.

Having worked across numerous teams, Amy shared her insights on how to cope and deal with managing individuals, including management styles, attributes of a good leader, and much more. She shared with us her own MBA experience at HKU Business School, and how studying for an MBA was her way of handling stress.

The webinar was interactive and she asked participants to list out words they would use to describe a leader. The Q&A portion included questions about her own management style, and how she handles certain situations.

Thank you Amy once again for the knowledgeable webinar.