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To all of you aspiring to do an MBA, I urge you to treasure every moment of your journey - both in and out of the classroom.
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Having graduated from HKU with a bachelor’s degree in geography, I originally intended to become an urban planner, but later decided to venture into the business world. Not only was HKU a familiar place for me, but its reputation as a premier international university is highly accredited globally, which made it my top choice for studying an MBA. What attracted me the most was HKU MBA’s highly diverse and contemporary curriculum, as well as its extensive alumni network. This allows you to get a deep understanding of both international and regional business at the same time as creating opportunities for personal and professional growth.

I enjoyed my HKU MBA journey tremendously and I still vividly recall memories of the team-building games during the orientation. The design of the games allowed me to understand and connect with my teammates, and that marked the start of a lifelong friendship – I still catch up with them from time to time. For the courses, they were structured in such a way that pushed me to be a more innovative person. Given my scientific background, I was able to connect my previous studies with the newly acquired knowledge of different business practices and phenomena, which opened new doors for me in my career.

Aside from joining social clubs and networking events, my most memorable experience was collaborating with my MBA classmates on business projects and events. Like myself, they were passionate about creating new businesses, and we always explored new opportunities together and exchanged ideas to inspire and learn from one another.

When I started the MBA programme, I was occupied with the workload, so I would definitely advise aspiring students to do an MBA earlier on when you have less engagements in life. I was fortunate enough to have a boss who was very supportive – he treated my studies as an investment and transferred me to another department to lighten my workload. I was able to concentrate more on my studies and in turn I could apply concepts and strategies learnt in class to the workplace, which greatly enhanced my work performance.

One of my teammates told me that she regretted not fully committing to her MBA experience as she focused too much on her work. To all of you aspiring to do an MBA, I urge you to learn from her experience and treasure every moment of your journey – both in and out of the classroom.

Industry: Information Technology & Services
Company: Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong)
Job Title: Senior Manager, Marketing Communication