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In the time that I have been at HKU, I am confident that I have already advanced my knowledge of business as much as I expected to
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“Since obtaining my bachelor degree in the UK and master degree in Hong Kong with a major in mechanical and manufacturing engineering, I have worked in different industries for four years – as  a project engineer in a vehicle exhaust system company,  a project coordinator leading continuous improvement projects in a textile company, and now as leader of a project to drive down costs in the global category management team of an MNC.

My degree was in engineering and all of my previous jobs were in manufacturing industry, so I am seeking to unify my skill sets as well as deepen my managerial abilities and, most importantly, my business acumen. In the few short months I have been at HKU, I am confident that I have already advanced my knowledge of business as much as I expected to. And the most exciting thing is that I have got to meet with a group of outstanding people from various industries and different backgrounds. We have not only worked on group projects but also exchanged our experiences and talked like friends to each other. We have really had a lot of fun!

I really do appreciate this fantastic programme which is a perfect platform for me to pursue academic knowledge and broaden my networks. I was recently surprised by a comment from my current senior during the annual appraisal – “Sherry performed much better in terms of time management and the quality of deliverable after she started the MBA study!”

Industry: Dairy
Company: Arla Foods
Job Title: Procurement Manager