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Serina defied expectations and achieved a remarkable career shift from Supply Chain to Investment Banking.Serina not only changed her job function but also relocated to Hong Kong, the vibrant global financial hub. Discover the opportunities that await you as you follow in her footsteps.
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I am Serina from the Class of 2022, the HKU MBA Full-time programme. I come from Japan and I was with a Japanese conglomerate, Mitsubishi Corporation, and across the five years with those companies, I had experience in supply chain management, project management, and also subsidiary insight in the consumer industry, specialising in the seafood division. And now, I started my new career here in Hong Kong with JP Morgan.

An MBA has always been on my to-do list and I was seeking the timing to pursue it. During the pandemic, when I saw the world changing around, I saw it was also going to be a good time for me to reflect on what I want to do in the future. And then it came to the question of where I want to do it. And coming from a background mixing China and Japan, I have always had this passion to be a culture bridge in Asia. And so I can leverage my own background and experience. So an international city here in Asia came into the picture: Hong Kong was the place I chose to go.

I didn’t have a finance background, but then coming to this MBA gave me more exposure about the professional landscape in Hong Kong. I started to realise that finance is really the major field in this place. With good timing, I found there was a summer internship with my current company, which was open to MBA students across the globe and during my application process, the HKU MBA career centre has really been a great help for us. From the interview application,I could eventually apply for the programme and now successfully come back as a full-time employee. 

I would definitely say an MBA was a great help on this, so I was really honoured to present the HKU MBA to the World MBA Summit in Milan. Together with another classmate, I could showcase what I have learned throughout the journey being on a global platform that really elevates the whole experience as an MBA student.

 I would say doing an MBA is definitely beneficial for everyone who considers it. I wish everyone an incredible journey along the way and all the best.