Samantha Pei

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The HKU MBA Programme has enabled me to think outside the box
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Hong Kong S.A.R.

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I graduated from The University of British Columbia in Canada with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Since my graduation, I have been developing my career path in Hong Kong’s financial services sector.

As a multi-tasking person who always looks for new challenges with a “never stop exploring and learning” spirit, I decided to pursue Master of Business Administration (MBA) study which has always been on my bucket list. The MBA Programme at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) has become one of my most valuable assets.

Whilst I have been specialising in relationship management within the corporate banking industry for a while, the HKU MBA Programme has enabled me to think outside the box; it has broadened my international horizons. In addition, the programme has helped me to develop a growth mindset, strategic management and critical thinking skills, plus an entrepreneurial spirit. It has also equipped me to transform into a better leader with essential competencies for future career advancement and personal growth.

Making use of the resources provided by the HKU MBA Programme, the expertise of inspirational lecturers and the experience shared with classmates, I have gained up-to-date knowledge and skills as well as new insights and exposure. The comprehensive curriculum has led me to identify both challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing business environment.

The flexibility of the HKU MBA Programme has allowed me to balance work, study and personal life well. I have been enjoying a variety of activities including case studies, panel discussions, interactive presentations, integrative exercises, workshops, networking events and last but not least, the memorable international field trip to Europe.

HKU MBA Programme has enhanced my cross-cultural competency. I have expanded both professional and social networks. The programme has connected me to many lecturers and guest speakers who are seasoned and influential market leaders. It has also helped me to build cordial friendships with a group of high calibre individuals who are of different nationalities and professional backgrounds.

As a class representative, I am thankful for the support and guidance which the MBA office, lecturers, classmates and alumni extended to me throughout the programme. I treasure the insights and experiences that we shared together. My two-year part-time MBA journey at HKU was an enjoyable one. It is my honour to be part of HKU MBA community!

Industry: Financial Services
Company: MUFG
Job Title: Director