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Nestor, originally from Peru, came to Hong Kong with the aspiration of forging new pathways in his career. With the support of the HKU MBA programme and alumni network, Nestor successfully relocated and changed his career from engineering to consulting while also relocating to Hong Kong.
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Student Story

I am Nestor Diaz, and I come from Peru. I am a mechanical engineer. Currently, I am working as a consultant in a consulting company in Hong Kong. I graduated in the cohort of 2022.

One of the key drivers for me to go to an MBA was to complement my engineering background. I decided to come to Hong Kong basically because during my studies in Australia, I had the opportunity to get involved in the Asia Pacific region. And I was very attracted to how culture can impact the industry and businesses. 

When I explored HKU, I found that they offer a robust programme that revolves around the business and industry landscape in Hong Kong. The network of alumni from HKU is also exceptionally strong. Being one of the top-ranking universities, it was also one of the main drivers that pushed me to come here. 

Previously, I was very focused on the technical side and specifically on engineering. Currently, I work as a consultant in project delivery, which involves managing deliverables for clients. It’s been a significant transition. The MBA has been instrumental in helping me understand and navigate the dynamics of the industry here in Hong Kong. This knowledge has enabled me to identify the areas in which I need to make personal changes and leverage the skills and knowledge I already possess for this new position. Growth has been the primary motivator for me to seek opportunities in a completely different environment from where I originally came from.

When you put yourself in completely different or unfamiliar environments, it allows for personal growth, as everything becomes new and presents new learning opportunities. I knew that when I came here, I wouldn’t find the same kind of job I had before. So, I knew that I would need to open my mind and be ready for the opportunities that might arise. 

My classmates came from various regions and industries, which helped me expand my knowledge and connect with different individuals. 

The programme offered various events that allowed us to engage with industry leaders, who provided tips and advice on advancing your career in different areas, equipping you with the necessary tools for self-assessment. They help you determine which career path is most suitable for you. One piece of advice I would give is to not be afraid to take risks.

Sometimes, we may feel scared when facing new things, and as a result, we tend to prefer the familiar path we already know. This kind of fear actually limits you to getting new opportunities. Don’t limit yourself, just go for it.