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Nevertheless, these two academic years will be ‘no pain, no gain’. As has been said, "Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude." - Celestine Chua
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Hong Kong

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After graduating from the Hospitality and Tourism Management programme at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and gaining 10 years of work experience at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong (FSHK) in various positions, I thought it was time for me to pursue a MBA to deepen my understanding in areas apart from my field. It was the occasion when I met with many senior leaders at a pre-opening hotel project overseas two years ago that brought this to my attention. In order to climb up the corporate ladder, not only do you need to be skilled in your area of expertise, but also knowledgeable of social and world issues, problem solving, finance, decision making and leadership skills.

I attended the HKU MBA information session in April 2015 and I am grateful that I made the right choice joining its part-time MBA. Its renowned reputation, comprehensive curriculum, experienced academic and industry faculty members, international class mix, case-based approach and flexible weekday schedules enrich our learning experience. I aspire to become a greater asset to the company I serve in a regional role, equipped with substantial knowledge.

As a human resources professional, I have found Organisational Leadership filled me with insightful tips in managing up, down and around. The case-based approach enables us to discuss in groups which helped stimulate our thinking from different angles. The techniques enable me to foster productive relationships with subordinates and become a more effective leader. Corporate Finance brought me interesting perspectives such as what is the CFO’s thinking process when making an investment decision or how to use leverage to maximize your gain. The cases used in the Accounting for Business Decisions and Managerial Economics shed light on how to analyze issues critically from a global outlook. Throughout my discussion in group projects, I have gained satisfaction by sharing my HR perspective and learned from my teammates through their different lenses. Aside from studies, I attended a HKU MBA High Table Dinner which marked a memorable evening and joined several networking events. Nevertheless, these two academic years will be ‘no pain, no gain’. As has been said, “Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude.” – Celestine Chua

Industry: Hospitality
Company: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong
Job Title: Human Resources Officer