Natalie Eunmee Chung

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My MBA journey was very enriching and I would say that it helped me greatly with advancing in my career.
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I currently live in Malaysia and lead the Sales Planning for the Consumer Product Division at Loreal. When I came to Hong Kong for my husband’s business in 2012, I had just taken maternity leave from my previous company. My husband was the one who encouraged me to make use of the opportunity and study for an MBA at HKU – the top university in Asia. The application process was really smooth, and a huge advantage for me was that the part-time MBA programme waives the GMAT score for individuals with over 7 years of experience.

My MBA journey was very enriching and I would say that it helped me greatly with advancing in my career. For one thing, my classmates were all from different countries and were experts in different fields. Through working with them on projects and attending classes together, I was able to expand my network in Hong Kong, which offered me many new and different opportunities. The career coaching session that took place towards the end of the programme was definitely the most useful session for me throughout this experience. It was organised by the career service team and was centered around key elements and useful techniques for career development. This really opened my eyes and helped me set goals for my career as well as learn how to achieve them. I was even inspired to develop a LinkedIn profile afterwards, which allowed me to build connections with potential clients and employers.

It was definitely tough being a mother whilst doing a part-time MBA. For me, the most challenging part of the experience was not the school curriculum, but rather time management – balancing taking care of a newborn with projects and classes. I was only able to complete my studies through collaborative efforts with my family, who were my biggest supporters. For all aspiring students, please get support from family and friends – it will make your journey much easier and allow you to truly enjoy your experience.

Doing the HKU MBA was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. Not only did I get better compensation, such as salary and job title after I returned to work, but I also had the opportunity to advance my career by transferring to another company and working in a more senior position. My husband still suggests the HKU MBA to all his colleagues, and likewise, I suggest this programme to everyone too – especially for those who want to fully develop their career.

Industry: Cosmetics
Company: L’Oréal
Job Title: Head of Sales Planning