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Madeleine, originally from Vancouver, Canada, joined the HKU MBA programme in Hong Kong with the goal of personal growth and expanding her horizons. Engaging in diverse courses and collaborative projects, she formed lifelong friendships, gained problem-solving skills, and embraced new opportunities. Her advice for prospective students includes exploring various courses, connecting with mentors, and understanding the motivations behind career change while identifying areas for personal development and growth.
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Can you briefly share with us your background?
My name is Madeleine and I am from Vancouver, Canada. Prior to relocating to Hong Kong and joining the HKU MBA programme, I worked in the banking industry and was the Customer Experience Lead at The Bank of Nova Scotia. 

What were your aims when you started your MBA programme?
Knowing that the University of Hong Kong has a long history, high reputation in Asia and ultimately holds a strong global alumni network, I believe that the MBA programme would allow me to expand my horizons and learn from different professors and classmates across various regions. This was one of the reasons why I decided to move to Hong Kong to pursue my MBA programme because I always wanted to explore living in a different city and try making a career switch. 

How did the HKU MBA programme help you achieve your goals?
The MBA programme has provided me with numerous opportunities to learn various business models and theories through diverse courses and case studies. This exceptional experience not only allowed me to stay up-to-date with the latest materials, but also provided a gateway to meet new classmates who have now become lifelong friends. Above all, the MBA journey has enabled me to seek personal growth and leverage my knowledge in various business aspects.

What was your most memorable HKU MBA experience?
My most memorable HKU MBA experience was being able to collaborate with multiple bright classmates from different fields of expertise to tackle group case studies and projects. With no doubt, there were topics that were difficult to solve, however, with endless conversations, thoughtful inputs and support from each other, we were able to deliver high quality group work. From this journey, I have learned to become more open-minded and was able to expand my network of friends.

Do you have any advice for those who would like to use an MBA as a door for a career change?
For those who would like to make a career switch, I would advise you to explore different elective courses offered by the MBA programme to gain a deeper understanding of different topics and what the potential career may look like. Grasp the opportunity to connect with your designated mentor and the Career Development & Training team would also be beneficial as they could share their personal stories and guidance to you. Ultimately, you should truly understand why you would like to change your career and realise what you are lacking to fill the gaps. Changing a career is not just changing a job. A career is a lifelong journey and it takes dedication and passion to progress.