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The rigorous, yet flexible, HKU MBA curriculum offered an all-inclusive enlightenment on key business fundamentals and areas of strategy, where I required further exposure.
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In my line of work, knowing how to work effectively with a culturally diverse set of people is essential. I honed these skills while at HKU, within a class of 60 students representing 19 different nationalities. While bringing diverse people together might be considered as a challenge by some, I now see it as an opportunity that can bring distinctive perspectives round the table, thereby creating a greater impact.

Prior to my MBA, I worked in the advisory field for over 4 years. During this time, I managed process transformation projects across multiple industries and geographies. These assignments encompassed interactions with highly qualified professionals from different regions, equipping me with both an outlook on the international markets and comprehensive business awareness, whilst expanding my innate curiosity about the intricacies of the consulting world. With a bachelor’s degree in core finance and a fair level of varied exposure to complex business processes and corporate settings across 4 continents, I decided to pursue an MBA that would allow me to transition to a strategic role within the financial services industry. With this is mind, I set my eyes on Hong Kong!

The rigorous, yet flexible, MBA curriculum offered an all-inclusive enlightenment on key business fundamentals and areas of strategy, where I required further exposure. While the globally renowned faculty allowed us to extract maximum theoretical understanding, experiential learning modules like the capstone project provided a platform to implement these lessons.

While at HKU, I led the ‘Women in Leadership’ group. It identifies deeply with my personal values in empowering women by providing them with a strong resource pool for guidance by establishing a strong nexus with corporate organisations and women business leaders. My MBA experience was further enhanced during my international track at Columbia Business School (CBS). While on one hand the HKU curriculum prepared me to work in the Asia markets, CBS on the other allowed me to deep dive into the strategic behaviour of some of the biggest industry giants. The cultural exposure gained through my MBA journey across Beijing, Hong Kong and New York will be a strong asset throughout my life.

The other very significant part of our MBA journey here at HKU is the mentorship programme and I must say I was fortunate to have a very strong mentor who was always welcoming of discussion and questions about the industry and the Hong Kong market in general and provided sound advice and guidance .If you can make use of the various opportunities to network in Hong Kong, you might find areas of interest beyond what you thought was required to succeed and build relationships that can help make progress here. The MBA played a pivotal role in helping me land a job in Hong Kong. I am currently working as a management consultant with a Swiss consulting firm specialising in financial services in Hong Kong. My scope of work includes advising private banking and wealth management clients on operational excellence and regulatory aspects. I am grateful that I decided on HKU for my higher education and for the relationships that I have built here.

Industry: Consulting
Company: Synpulse Management Consulting
Job Title: Management Consultant