Kevin Yao

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I have been seeking after a prestige school with Chinese exposure in Hong Kong to let me unlock unknown opportunities in Asia
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Kevin Yao

Being a Taiwanese who grew up in America and was working in the forefront of technology industry, our MBA Kevin Yao was seeking a top MBA in the region. HKU MBA was his choice, where he could gain Chinese exposure and unlock opportunities in Asia, while studying in the heart of Asia – Hong Kong.

Student Story

Why did you choose HKU MBA?

I chose HKU MBA for 3 reasons – 1) The School’s heritage 2) The School’s culture 3) Chinese exposure

Which is the most impactful subject for you?

The Trade Policy course with Dr.Lo. Through his course, we are able to understand the Chinese US Trade War, and also understand the implications of different trade policies.

Which is your most favorite event? 

There are many events that I attended: Mixer, networking events, also professional event such as Alibaba talk, which is my most favorite. I got to meet Savio Kwan, the former COO of Alibaba, who gave me a lot of perspective of his personal growth and the growth of Alibaba. Overall it is a great experience not just for me, but also the entire MBA cohorts.

Industry: Sporting Goods
Company: Nike
Job Title: Director – Marketplace Management