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Jasmine Zhang, originally from China, pursued her undergraduate studies in Commerce and Family Studies at the University of British Columbia. After working as an Enterprise Risk Consultant at EY Advisory in Beijing, she enrolled in the HKU MBA programme with the aim of relocating to Hong Kong and exploring new opportunities in the Greater Bay Area. Jasmine successfully transitioned to Hong Kong and found a fulfilling role in in-house insurance projects that aligns with her long-term career goals.
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Student Story

Can you briefly share with us your background?

Born and raised in Huizhou, Guangdong, I majored in Commerce and minored in Family Studies during my undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia. After completing my degree, I relocated to Beijing and joined EY Advisory as an Enterprise Risk Consultant in the Business Consulting service line. Over the course of four years at EY, I gained valuable experience across a diverse range of projects, which transformed me from a fresh graduate into a seasoned professional.

What were your aims when you started your MBA?
When I started my MBA, I had several aims in mind. Firstly, I wanted to make a relocation from Beijing to the Greater Bay Area (GBA) to explore new opportunities and expand my professional network in a different region. Secondly, I saw the MBA as an opportunity to take a pause in my career path and evaluate potential adjustments or changes that would align better with my long-term goals. This included considering a career adjustment from professional services to in-house consulting, which would provide a different perspective and allow me to contribute to an organisation from within. Additionally, pursuing an MBA had been a planned milestone for me since my undergraduate studies, as I believed it would equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the business world. Lastly, I was also eager to meet new people, establish valuable connections, and broaden my network, recognising the immense value of building relationships in the professional sphere.

How did the HKU MBA Programme help you achieve your goals?
The HKU MBA programme provided a warm and supportive environment that allowed me to settle down and thrive in Hong Kong. The Career Development & Training (CDT) team, faculty members, and administrative office were instrumental in providing guidance, resources, and support throughout my journey. The diverse class profile of the programme expanded my vision and inspired new ideas. Interacting with classmates from different backgrounds and industries broadened my perspectives and encouraged innovative thinking.

Moreover, the CDT team played a crucial role in aligning my expectations, profile, and the market situation to identify suitable job opportunities. They took the time to understand my experiences and aspirations, and provided valuable advice on potential career paths, considering both short-term solutions and long-term development.

Thanks to the support and guidance I received from the HKU MBA programme, I have successfully relocated to Hong Kong and now work on in-house insurance projects. The programme not only helped me transition to a new location but also assisted me in finding a fulfilling role that aligns with my career goals.

What was your most memorable HKU MBA experience?
It’s difficult to name just one memorable experience from my HKU MBA journey, as the entire full-time programme has been an exciting and fruitful adventure filled with remarkable events. However, one experience that stands out in my mind is a series of career workshops organised by the CDT team. One particular session led by an external coach focused on building our inner strength to overcome challenging situations. What made this experience truly memorable was the recognition by the school that, despite the fast-paced environment and demanding programme, our psychological well-being was a priority. The workshop guided us to pay attention to our body’s reactions in nerve-wracking or stressful situations, such as job interviews or exams. This allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and adapt quickly to navigate through these situations more effectively. 

Do you have any advice for those who would like to use an MBA as a door for a career change?
It would be highly beneficial to thoroughly research the job market in the location where the school is located. This will help you assess the extent to which it aligns with your career aspirations and past experience. In the event that the odds may not initially be in your favor, it is important to trust in yourself and your abilities to pave your own path.