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The HKU MBA programme leaves me with an ‘endless aftertaste.’
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Reasons I joined HKU MBA

The reason I joined HKU MBA is because it is well known to mainland students that the teaching quality and reputation of the University of Hong Kong are very high. My first choice, the HKU MBA, is oriented towards Asia. The focus on research and teaching of Asian economic development for students makes me feel that it fits well with my future development. Moreover, the HKU MBA has been ranked first in Asia for 8 consecutive years. So, it is the positioning of the MBA programme and comprehensive strength of the programme which were the basis for my consideration.

My overall HKU MBA experience

The HKU MBA programme leaves me with an ‘endless aftertaste.’ I often review the MBA learning and life process up to now. First, the curriculum is designed with a variety of choices that provide different directions, such as finance, marketing, law, business strategies and other different courses. These courses are additional to the core courses that equipped us for facing the modern business world. Since I have a legal background, one of the purposes of studying for an MBA is to combine my knowledge of law and business to effectively serve society through my job. With this in mind, I chose more courses with a business and financial direction. The most impactful course for me was the Corporate Finance course. Professor Alex is very popular in our class. Every lecture he gave was simple and straightforward, which is the best way to learn the complex financial theory and practical knowledge. This course was very useful for me as the Chinese aircraft leasing company I am currently serving involves asset financing, financial product use and other operations studied in this course.

Because of my previous MBA learning, I could understand and focus on the risk points of the project when reviewing the company’s financing contracts, which develops a better protection of the company.

The help from HKU MBA to my new role as a Legal Counsel at China Aircraft

The help was great. I moved to Hong Kong for University of Hong Kong’s MBA programme and easily adapted to the vibrant city life afterwards. In addition, the MBA programme has greatly expanded my understanding of Asia, especially for Hong Kong local companies. It inspired me to continue my professional development in this fast-paced working city. My MBA became an additional advantage when looking for a legal position in an aviation company. My current company believed the importance of combining my professional knowledge as a Chinese lawyer, my 8 years of aviation legal services experiences, with the business operation knowledge I obtained from HKU MBA.  The combination of everything brought me to the international platform.

Insights of working in legal industry

First, you need to be interested in the legal industry. Our work requires a lot of word processing, which some people may find tedious. However, my passion as a lawyer made me enjoy every project. I often work over 10 hours without realising.

Secondly, you need to position yourself and see what kind of legal service you would like to work in. After obtaining a master’s degree in international commercial law from the United Kingdom in 2012, I was fortunate enough to go to Avion Pacific Limited; China’s first private general aviation Service Co., Ltd. This is where I started my career in aviation law. To this day, I am very passionate about working in aviation legal services.

Advices to HKU MBA aspirants

Be confident and clear about your future positioning, and be brave to speak about your future goals and plans. Admissions interviewers are concerned about the preparation of every candidate for their future positioning, and hope HKU MBA will help all students set their future path.

I am a person who enjoys different learning experiences, so I work hard and earnestly, and then recharge myself occasionally by doing a professional study. My MBA is my third master’s degree, but it impressed me the most. Not only does HKU MBA programme have the top professors from all over the world, but the entire professional and efficient MBA management office and Career Services Team provided me tremendous support. Last but not least, the excellent students from all walks of life whom I met at HKU MBA were very impressive. Many of my classmates accelerated their careers after graduating with their MBA: our original reason for studying for an MBA. On top of that, we built a strong bond, and this was one of the best assets of joining HKU MBA programme.

Industry: Aviation
Company: China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited
Job Title: Legal Counsel