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They all say you would meet interesting people doing MBA. But being mentored by the former President and COO of Alibaba and able to have a coffee with the man once a month is way beyond my dreams.
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Hong Phuc Nguyen

Hong Phuc Nguyen, our Full time MBA from Class of 2019, who comes from Vietnam, told us about her exciting MBA journey. Hong Phuc described what she has learnt from her MBA mentor, a former COO from Alibaba, her eye opening visit to a tech unicorn based in Hong Kong, and her volunteering work at NGO – EmpowerU, which is owned by one of our principal lecturers, David Bishop.

Student Story

One of our Full Time MBA cohort (Class of 2019), Hong Phuc Nguyen who comes from Vietnam, told us about her MBA journey, including: the visit she organized at Sensetime, her mentorship programme experience, and her volunteering at the non profit organization – EmpowerU, which owned by one of our professor – David Bishop. Now let’s go find out more about Hong Phuc’s extraordinary MBA journey!

Your HKU MBA mentorship experience

Hong Phuc: They all say ‘You would meet interesting people doing MBA’. However  being mentored by Savio Kwan, the former President and COO of Alibaba and able to have a coffee with the man once a month is way beyond my dreams.

They also say ‘students create their own MBA experience’ but HKU MBA certainly has made my journey ‘sweeter’ and more inspired. HKU MBA, thank you for giving me this opportunity along with many other blessings.

Your experience of organizing Sensetime visit

Hong Phuc: My Mentor, Savio Kwan is on the governing board of mutual fund, funded by Alibaba and Sensetime together. Savio connected us with the Executive Director at the HKAI lab, who works on daily basis at Sensetime. This is how we got our visit happened.

That was an eye opening visit as we could see the technology developed at the Lab, and got introduce to different modern technology that we never experienced before. We could apply the theories and concepts that we learnt from class, to these modern technologies.

Lecture from Alibaba and Amazon which you received during the Sensetime visit

Hong Phuc: Our class received a personalized lecture from the Executive Director from HKAI Lab, which we learnt the Alibaba business concept – the Banyan tree. Just like the Banyan tree, Alibaba started as one route: an E-commerce site, it then expanded with other business model such as Ali Pay, TaoBao, and many other businesses.  Each business is considered as very successful, they can therefore be independent and be operated individually, and support the other routes when one fails.

The powerful lesson you received from your Mentor, former COO from Alibaba

Hong Phuc: Saivo Kwan gave me many powerful lectures. I once asked Savio, why did he decide to leave GE Healthcare and joined a 2 years old start up company? He told me ‘when opportunity comes, you need to hold it with both hands. Always stay alert with current happenings, always willing to learn new things, and update myself.’

Your experience of volunteering at the non profit organization – EmpowerU

Hong Phuc: Here at HKU, many of our professor have their own business venture. I personally interested in social entrepreneurship, that’s why I decided to join Empower U as a volunteer. EmpowerU runs by David Bishop – our professor from the elective module- Business Ethics. I helped to give lectures and empower the foregin domestic workers during weekend.

I learnt the differences between corporates and a non profit organization, in terms of strategies and operation.

Your experience in Hong Kong

Hong Phuc: Hong Kong is one of the busiest Asian’s cities, I am so impressed by how people are open to connect, and the willingness to help each other.

I received tremendous support from HKU MBA, even with someone I barely knew. This is how I managed to be involve in all of the events, and make the most of my MBA journey.

Industry: Information Technology & Services
Company: Lynk Global
Job Title: Principle – Regional Account Lead (SEA)