Helena Xu

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Now looking back on my MBA experience, I am able to say without doubt that it was an enriching adventure and a thoroughly exciting journey
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Hong Kong S.A.R.

Student Story

I was born in China and moved to Australia in my teenage years. After I finished my high school and undergraduate studies, I bade farewell to my beloved Sydney and moved to Beijing. This is because I was captivated by its fast-growing pace and dynamic vibe. As a result, I gained ample work experience in corporate finance, business development and relationship management within both international and local financial institutions.

After almost 6 years in Beijing, I decided it was time to recharge myself with MBA power. With an overseas educational background and work experience in China, I believed Hong Kong was an ideal choice. It is a city where East meets West as well as being the financial hub of Asia.

HKU MBA programme became my first choice from its prestige reputation and unmatched network of alumni. Its partnerships with two world-renowned business schools, London Business School and Columbia Business School, especially offer unparalleled educational and networking opportunities.

Now looking back on my MBA experience, I am able to say without doubt that it was an enriching adventure and a thoroughly exciting journey. The programme provided us with a number of career treks, frequent networking events and an intensive yet engaging study schedule. Also, I participated in Asia PE Forum, Women in Leadership’s panel speech, and many other social events as a volunteer. When I exchanged to LBS, I attended a number of professional events in London such as LBS PE Symposium, LBS China Business Forum and more. Students and alumni I encountered in LBS were extremely nice and eager to help beyond my expectations. Along this MBA journey, I was able to connect with many people who became my friends and inspiration, both for my career development and in my life.

Finally, I would like to share two enlightening insights I obtained from this MBA experience. First, you unleash your curiosity and push your limits in order to absorb and grow. Second, after broadening your horizons, step back a bit and look within yourself in order to decide what the really important matters are. Then, focus on them with your full concentration. Wishing you a stirring MBA journey too.

Industry: Information Technology & Services
Company: JD Digits
Job Title: Senior Business Development Manager, Cross Boarder Payment