Harry Rao

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HKU MBA not only gave me a great experience, it also made me more purposeful and tactical about my life and career
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Beijing, China

Student Story

Before taking the MBA, I worked in the insurance industry in Australia. Although I was very good in my field of work, I didn’t know how to develop my career, had little knowledge of things outside my work field and often wondered what was happening in the world.

The HKU MBA, through its Beijing-Hong Kong-London track, has broadened my views and armed me with new skills and knowledge. During the 14 months programme, I have listened to career talks delivered by industry leaders and experts, participated in competitions against elites of other business schools and visited many world-famous companies.

I took a part-time internship with Cowen and Company, where I supported their managing director in Hong Kong. Coping with the intensity of working for a boutique investment firm while studying full-time for the MBA was very challenging yet very fruitful. It allowed me to experience the life of one of today’s most attractive industries.

After my MBA, like many of my predecessors and peers, I had to choose a field to specialize in and which would develop my career. After careful thought, I decided to focus on the insurance industry because of my expertise as well as the great potential that I see the industry having in Asia, particularly in China.

Now, as the Senior Actuarial Associate for QBE Insurance, I manage the insurance reserves for the company’s business across fifteen Asia-Pacific countries and territories. Because of my MBA qualification, I also get involved with the company’s M&A and participate in setting the company’s strategy in Asia Pacific.

I am very glad that I have taken the MBA programme with HKU. The programme not only gave me a great experience, it also made me more purposeful and tactical about my life and career. However, the most precious treasure I have received from the programme is a group of friends, both my classmates and  alumni, whom I now contact regularly for information and to share experience.