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I never expected that taking the HKU MBA could help me pursue a more accomplished career
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I never expected that taking the HKU MBA could help me pursue a more accomplished career.

I took my bachelor’s degree in 2007, majoring in International Economy and Trade, then entered Swire Coca-Cola (China) as a management trainee. In 2008, I decided to quit my job and took my master degree in Hong Kong. After my graduation in 2009, I worked for Sinopec Hong Kong, one of the biggest oil companies in the world, in the area of shipping, for nearly seven years.

During my 6.5 years working in Sinopec HK, I was always thinking about the way to enhance my competitiveness. My role requires me to have strong negotiation and communication skills as well as a robust analytical capacity. I consulted with many professionals and most of them suggested that I take an MBA course. They told me that what the MBA can bring me is not only knowledge from various fields but also the soft skills. As well as that, I can broaden my network and change my way of thinking.

HKU is the most prestigious university in Asia, HKU MBA furnishes diversified knowledge, courses, professors, and classmates and so it turns out that my selection of HKU MBA has been absolutely correct. My classmates are from different industries and different countries and when we do a case study, that helps to spark innovative thinking among us. What I really want to mention here is, because of my HKU MBA decision, I got my important opportunity to change my job from a state-owned enterprise to a top international company. Now I am working for Maersk Line as Fleet Operations & Industrial Relations Manager. The more challenges and responsibilities I take, the more valuable HKU MBA turns out to be.

Industry: Maritime
Company: COSCO Shipping Ports Limited
Job Title: Senior Manager – Corporate Operations Management Department