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To all prospective MBA students I would say that the HKU MBA programme is definitely a worthwhile investment. Don’t hesitate - take action today.
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My main reason for choosing to study at HKU was its long history and international recognition. When looking into MBA programmes specifically, HKU Business School has a good ranking, is extremely flexible with a wide range of elective courses, and is ideally located in Admiralty. Not only this, but it’s a very international university with students from many different industries and backgrounds. This offers you a unique opportunity to look at a number of topics from new perspectives. My final reason for choosing HKU as my school of study was because my parents are HKU alumni and spoke very highly of their time there.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at HKU and had an amazing overall experience. I learnt new things and expanded my network exponentially. Outside of acquiring new technical knowledge, I also enhanced my soft skills, which has helped in my day-to-day life outside of work since graduating from the programme. Furthermore, due to the way the curriculum is structured I was able to choose a range of electives based on my own personal interests, e.g. finance, and soft skills, e.g. leadership, communication and negotiation. I also found the seminars to be extremely helpful and a great way to develop these soft skills further.

After completing the MBA at HKU, I was able to attend London Business School for a semester. I did this whilst transitioning between companies, from KPMG to Barclays. I had always been interested in studying overseas and knew that I would have a good chance of being accepted, having just completed my MBA at HKU, so I decided to apply for the programme. London Business School is also a very prestigious school and attending it allowed me to expand my international network and overseas experience. Similarly to studying at HKU, my time here allowed me to interact with different students from all over the world and broaden my international perspective.

My career has been driven by market trends and I have continued to support businesses through internal auditing and product control. The MBA programme helped me be flexible in adapting to new market environments and business needs, allowing me to excel in my career. Currently, I’m an internal auditor for financial institutions, governing control and risk processes to meet financial regulations.

Whilst the workload was by no means easy, it was manageable with good time management skills and dedication – the latter being the most important. My company was extremely supportive of my decision to pursue an MBA and had no problem with me studying alongside work. It’s important to agree a flexible time schedule with your current employer, such as I did with my manager at the time. To all prospective MBA students I would say that the HKU MBA programme is definitely a worthwhile investment. Don’t hesitate – take action today.

Industry: Financial Services
Company: Standard Chartered Bank
Job Title: Internal Audit