Ashis Ganguly

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The HKU MBA has thus far been a wonderful experience. It is certainly a matter of pride to be part of Asia’s top-ranked MBA programme
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After graduating with a degree in science and marine engineering in India, I acquired the highest level professional qualification in my field. I have now worked in the shipping industry for around 18 years, including for shipping companies from Norway, the UK and Japan. I am presently employed with a Japanese world leader in the shipping industry, for which I look after the management of ocean-going ships’ operation, planning and maintenance, controlling a team of Hong Kong-based managers. I have enjoyed opportunities to be instrumental in the construction of many new ships specially designed to carry automobiles. During my career, I also served for one year as a marketing consultant for a US-based Fortune 500 company in Hong Kong. My career has afforded me numerous opportunities to travel the globe extensively, gaining wide exposure to a variety of culture.

I am an outgoing person who likes to face new challenges in life. I love to travel and to make new friends. I also believe that the true meaning of life lies beyond the materialistic world, and I am passionate about music. I have performed Indian and English songs on stage at several events and have even appeared on television on one of the Indian channels. In addition to music, I am very fond of wildlife and photography. I also have a keen inclination to learn languages, and currently have command of six, including Japanese. At the same time, I do not neglect the physical side, engaging in regular exercise and practising yoga. I represented my school and college in football, and was a team member of a club in the Calcutta Football League. When I lived in India, I was an active member of Rotary International, which gave me the opportunity to serve society.

Obtaining an MBA had long been an ambition, but my extensive business travel commitments previously made it impossible. Now that I travel less, I have finally found an avenue to fulfil my dreams. My main target in pursuing an MBA is to enrich myself and broaden my horizons and knowledge base, thus allowing me to take a further step to reach a peak in my career. The HKU MBA has thus far been a wonderful experience. It is certainly a matter of pride to be part of Asia’s top-ranked MBA programme.

Industry: Maritime
Job Title: Independent Marine Consultant