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Embark on a transformative journey with Anvesh as he unlocks a world of opportunities through the HKU MBA programme. Discover how he leveraged the programme's comprehensive curriculum, career services, and strategic partnerships with the partner school to navigate a successful career transition in both industry and location.
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My name is Anvesh and I am originally from India. I am a chemical engineer with more than 8 years of experience in the petrochemical industry. I worked for a state-owned oil & gas major Indian Oil for 7 years before my MBA.

When I started my MBA, I wanted to explore opportunities in the new energy and ESG space outside India and create a career pathway to a strategy role in the new energy industry.

Throughout my MBA I had the opportunity to interact with alumni, coaches, and mentors multiple times who focused on not only helping me clear my mind around my goals but also helped me carve out a path for me. With time, my goals took various forms, and my career strategy was refined through their feedback and suggestions. The immense exposure and networking with business leaders across Asia and Europe during the programme helped me create a pathway for my long-term career goal. Especially, the executive coaching offered by the MBA programme helped me greatly in gaining clarity to understand the possibilities in the space I want to explore and create a more practical path to my long-term career. I feel much more confident and clear with my own goals today and that I believe is the biggest step towards achieving them.

The most memorable experience is the interactions with the cohort. The HKU cohort is truly a tightly knit community with a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds. Everyone has immense experience from diverse professional backgrounds and cultures. This multicultural class environment gave a new perspective to look at things and analyse situations. I see us as a class that has grown so much to be able to genuinely understand, respect and value each other’s culture and differences. This has made me very comfortable in any kind of new environment. Working in a multinational company in a new country will be quite a similar experience for which this MBA has prepared me well.

During the last few months, I went on the London track to London Business School (LBS), which is centrally located in one of the biggest financial hotspots of the world. It is a very diverse school with people from across the globe with work experience ranging from 2-30 years. There are numerous opportunities to interact with the diverse cohort throughout the time in London.

I never missed any opportunity to attend any career events or club activities during my time at LBS. We as HKU students were given all the benefits that we would want from our time at the LBS campus. From invitations to career fairs to all club activities, we had all the avenues open. This helped me understand better about the western business world and secure few career opportunities.

MBA is a very personal experience. For career change, MBA will give you all the possible opportunities to improve your soft skills, hard skills and your professional network. It’s up to the individual how they wish to use the resources at their disposal.

My transformative journey through the HKU MBA programme paved the way for my career shift in a new location, industry, and function. In this endeavour, the Career Development Team (CDT) played a pivotal role, guiding me towards success and shaping my professional trajectory through strategic collaborations.

One of the most enriching aspects was the global perspective and the diverse cohort of classmates. This global outlook became my passport to international business practices and allowed me to develop invaluable cross-cultural communication skills. Recognising the significance of global connections, the CDT facilitated networking opportunities with industry leaders from around the world. These interactions not only expanded my professional network but also contributed significantly to my successful transition to a new location.

A standout feature of the CDT’s approach was their personalised guidance. Through one-on-one consultations, they took the time to understand my aspirations in the new energy and ESG sector. Armed with this knowledge, they provided tailored career advice that aligned perfectly with my goals. Their insights into market trends and industry demands became the blueprint for my career transition.

The MBA programme also offered ample opportunities to gain industry-specific insights. Real-world case studies, industry projects, and internships immersed me in the intricacies of the updates in the New Energy and Oil & Gas sector. Additionally, workshops and seminars organised by HKU and the partner school, LBS, brought industry practitioners to share their expertise. These experiences and learnings were invaluable during interviews and discussions with potential employers, establishing a solid foundation of my industry-specific knowledge. 

Another transformative experience within the MBA programme was the availability of executive coaching. Working closely with seasoned coaches, I gained clarity on the specific skills and competencies sought after by employers in the new energy industry. This guidance was instrumental in tailoring my approach during job interviews, positioning me effectively for strategic roles.

Leveraging the extensive alumni network cultivated by the HKU MBA programme was another valuable resource. The CDT facilitated connections with alumni who had successfully transitioned into similar roles, providing me with valuable insights and guidance. But the story didn’t end there – the CDT team also fostered collaborations with the careers team at LBS, opening doors to a broader spectrum of opportunities. Invitations to career events and networking sessions at LBS exposed me to a wider professional landscape. It was during the LBSl’s career fair that I connected with Puma Energy, leading to my application for their Puma Commercial Assessment Program (PCAP).

The HKU MBA programme placed a strong emphasis on soft skill development, complemented by the CDT’s workshops, significantly enhancing my marketability. Leadership, communication, and negotiation skills were not just theoretical concepts but practical tools honed for success in a new professional setting. 

During my MBA journey at HKU, I acquired some specific skill set and knowledge base that have proven invaluable in my current role. 

The MBA programme honed my strategic thinking abilities. Case studies, simulations, and strategic management courses provided a solid foundation for making informed decisions in complex business scenarios. Analytical tools and methodologies learned during the MBA have empowered me to analyse complex business challenges, identify opportunities, and propose effective solutions in my current role.

The emphasis on leadership development and team collaboration in the MBA programme has prepared me to lead and work effectively in diverse teams. Leadership workshops, group projects, and team-based assignments instilled the skills needed to motivate and guide teams toward common goals.

Engaging with a diverse cohort from various countries enhanced my cross-cultural communication skills. This skill has proven crucial in my current role, where effective communication with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders from different cultural backgrounds is essential.

The finance and accounting courses offered in the programme have equipped me with a solid understanding of financial principles. This knowledge has proven invaluable in budgeting, financial analysis, and decision-making, contributing to the financial success of the projects and initiatives I am involved in.

The programme also included workshops and courses focused on negotiation and conflict resolution. These skills have been vital in managing relationships, resolving conflicts, and negotiating favourable outcomes in my professional interactions.

The networking opportunities provided during the MBA, including interactions with alumni, industry leaders, and peers, have been instrumental in building a strong professional network. This network has opened doors to collaborations, partnerships, and valuable insights in my current professional landscape.

The diverse and dynamic nature of the MBA programme has cultivated my adaptability and resilience. This has been particularly valuable in navigating the ever-evolving business environment, handling uncertainties, and leading teams through periods of change.

In summary, my HKU MBA experience, coupled with the steadfast support of the CDT was transformative. It not only broadened my horizons but equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and connections essential for securing a fulfilling role in a new location, industry, and function. The programme’s holistic approach, blending academic rigour with real-world applications, has been a cornerstone in shaping me into a versatile and effective professional.The collaborative efforts of HKU and London Business School became the linchpin in my journey, culminating in a successful offer from Puma Energy after a rigorous multi-stage assessment process.

One piece of advice I would like to give is to strategise the time one has during the programme. There will be a lot of events, club activities, classes, competitions, etc. One must strategize their time to fit in with their goals. Hence, the MBA may seem very overwhelming at the beginning but if you focus on your personal goals and aspirations, it will be less confusing and easier to chart a way out.