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Anna, an ambitious professional from Mainland China, sets her sights on reaching new heights through the HKU full-time MBA programme. Drawn to the vibrant allure of Hong Kong's proximity to Mainland China and its diverse atmosphere, Anna eagerly embraces the opportunity for personal and professional growth.
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Mainland China

Student Story

I am originally from Mainland China. Before joining the full-time MBA programme at HKU, I had the opportunity to work for leading Internet companies such as Meituan and Baidu, both based in Beijing, for many years.

After spending years in the same industry and city, I started to think about the long-term direction of my career and life. It became clear to me that Hong Kong, located in close proximity to Mainland China, offered a more favourable environment with its warm weather, beautiful natural landscapes of seas and mountains, and a diverse, international culture. Moreover,  I believed that I could enrich my knowledge in many aspects related to business as well as learn from people who come from different countries and backgrounds through the MBA programme, which would be helpful for me to explore more possibilities for career and life.

I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to join the MBA programme at HKU. I learned a lot from the courses and classmates. The case studies conducted in the courses, where classmates actively shared their experiences and expressed their opinions, proved to be very intriguing.

From my personal perspective, an MBA can be the starting point for preparing for a career change, but it is also important to know your relatively competitive advantages and disadvantages, guiding you to keep constant learning to narrow the disadvantages.