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Alex Wei, a successful professional from China with a background in mathematics and economics, chose the HKU MBA Programme to gain a comprehensive understanding of business. Supported by the Career Development & Training team, he enhanced his competitiveness in the job market and secured an internship at Schneider Electric, where he gained strategic insights and collaborated with a global team.
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Can you briefly share with us your background?

I was born and raised in Xuzhou, China. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in mathematics from China Agricultural University and a master’s degree in economics from Tsinghua University. Prior to enrolling in the MBA programme at HKU, I gained professional experience working for the Bank of Beijing in Beijing and Tension Steel Industries in Taiwan.

Throughout my career, I have been exposed to various aspects of business, including banking, overseas sales, procurement, quality assurance, research and development, and administration. While I found each of these areas interesting, I recognized that they only represent a fraction of the broader business landscape. Consequently, I desired to acquire a comprehensive understanding of business as a whole, and to explore new areas that I have not yet had the opportunity to delve into, such as corporate finance and strategy.

Reflecting on my past work experiences, I have come to realize that I possess both strong interpersonal skills and a passion for numbers. I enjoy engaging with diverse individuals and cultivating meaningful connections. I have a deep appreciation for mathematics and statistics, which I believe can be leveraged to effectively and creatively manage business operations.

What were your aims when you started your MBA?

I would say that choosing your MBA is akin to choosing your career path for the next stage. Having worked in two different industries and gaining exposure to various functions, I am now seeking a position that aligns with my genuine interests and utilizes my strengths. Additionally, selecting a profitable and sustainable industry is of paramount importance.

Initially, my vision for my post-graduation job was somewhat blurry, and I desired to gain a clearer perspective during my MBA studies. The HKU MBA Programme courses have provided precisely the guidance and clarity I sought. Moreover, Hong Kong is an extraordinary city with immense economic potential and a rich multicultural background.

How did the HKU MBA Programme help you achieve your goals?

The HKU MBA programme has been instrumental in various aspects, offering a breadth of academic studies and professional career services. One notable advantage is the flexibility to choose elective courses aligned with our individual interests and career aspirations. Additionally, the partnership programmes with esteemed institutions such as LBS, CBS, and Fudan University provide us with access to a wider range of courses.

The Career Development & Training (CDT) team has played a pivotal role in enhancing our competitiveness in the job market. Through their efforts, they have organized job fairs, company information sessions, mentorship programmes, coaching sessions, and workshops, all designed to equip us with the necessary skills and resources for success. Their support has been invaluable.

What was your most memorable HKU MBA experience?

My most memorable experience in the HKU MBA programme was my internship at Schneider Electric. The CDT team provided tremendous support throughout the preparation and application process. During my internship, they continued to offer guidance and visited my manager and me on several occasions.

Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and automation, provided me with a remarkable opportunity to work with their strategy team. It was during this internship that I gained insights into reviewing and managing a company’s business from a strategic perspective. The team culture was incredibly warm and friendly, making my experience truly unforgettable. Collaborating with my global teammates was a highlight of my time there.

Do you have any advice for those who would like to use an MBA as a door for a career change?

My suggestion to aspiring MBA applicants is to think outside the box. The MBA programme offers customization options, allowing you to choose elective courses tailored to your interests and shape your own career path. It’s important not to overly concern yourself with the opinions and circumstances of others. Instead, leverage the diverse backgrounds of your classmates to broaden your understanding of business. Having the courage to make decisive choices and being patient with yourself are crucial.