Full Time MBA

Zai Chen

Zai Chen
Class of 2019
Hong Kong

Before this journey, I had 6 years of work experience in a Chinese state-owned group, including 3 years in the strategy department and 3 years in internet subsidiaries. I decided to take the MBA programme mainly for two reasons; one is to give myself a break in my career in order to sort out some entrepreneurship ideas and the second is to get a master degree to possibly enhance my competitive advantage in the future. Therefore, I took several inspiring and practical courses in my MBA programme such as Business Lab, Chinese Marketing, and Managerial Negotiations (in CBS).

At present, I am working in AMTD Group, a young and rapidly developing comprehensive financial group in Hong Kong. Considering my current position, I think the most practical gains made during my MBA journey are English skills, communication skills and understanding about people from diverse culture backgrounds. This is not specific knowledge but insights into making things work, which really help me a lot in my duties on international projects. Although I have no idea how this MBA programme will benefit me in the future, I’m sure that it has stirred up my previous way of life, shown me a bigger world of different people and cultures, and know I will never regret this decision.

Industry: Finance
Company: AMTD Group
Job Title: Deputy Director of President Office