Full time MBA

Xiaofei Li

Xiaofei Li
Class of 2016
Shanghai, China

Giving up my job, leaving a familiar city and environment and investing everything in a full-time MBA in a totally unknown setting was a huge decision for me. But HKU MBA proved that I made the best choice of my life.

Pre MBA, I was a marketer with five years marketing communication experience in the healthcare industry, and with a financial engineering background. For my MBA, I wanted to find some connection between my working experience and academic background. As a leading MBA programme, HKU provided me with a diversity of classmates from different industries who helped me to deeply understand marketing and finance. Professional faculties in HKU gave me knowledge of how business happens and what a professional marketer should be. The Mentorship Programme introduced me to a very senior and experienced marketing leader who showed me ways to connect marketing with finance. And Career Development and Training provided me internship opportunities to practice what I have learned.

With all of these resources HKU provided, I started my new career in Shanghai in the marketing strategy area. This is the right position, the one I wanted, which perfectly connects my past experience to my academic background as well as my interests.

As I said, starting a full-time MBA is a very important decision and HKU MBA is always the right choice.