Part-time MBA

Wilson Chan

Wilson Chan
Class of 2023
Hong Kong

I’m currently working as a senior manager within Cyberport’s Entrepreneurship Team.  As a programme leader, I oversee the team operating the Cyberport Incubation Programme and Entrepreneurship Centre, which provides an all-round nurturing service to the ICT start-ups from growing to mature stages (including but not limited to assessment, advisory, business support, funding, and mentorship services). Before joining Cyberport I was a manager within a bank and co-founded a famous cafe in Hong Kong.

I had been thinking about pursuing an MBA for a while because I wanted to learn essential business knowledge and management skills. I was impressed by the HKU MBA programme with its great combination of top-tier professors and high calibre alumni after coming across the programme at entrepreneurship classes and events. I applied for the programme upon getting promoted to my current role.

The classmates around me are brilliant, and I enjoy every insightful in-class professor led discussion and exchange. I believe the two-year HKU MBA course will be a memorable learning experience for me. I also have a high degree of confidence in our post-MBA journey which I am sure will be fascinating.