Part Time MBA

Vivian Cheung

Vivian Cheung
Class of 2017

I was raised in Vancouver, Canada, and gained my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and my postgraduate Diploma in Accounting from the University of British Columbia. Upon graduation, I moved to Hong Kong and now work as a recruiter, specializing in seeking the best talents within the creative industry. Roles that I work on include head designers to middleweight creatives, working with clients ranging from interior design firms to advertising agencies and fashion houses. Prior to this, I worked at a global software firm, where I was in charge of business development for the Middle East and Africa region, with emphasis on pipeline management and with the focus on new business in emerging markets, particularly within the sub-Saharan Africa region.

I am now pursuing my MBA at the University of Hong Kong. A lot of people have asked me why I picked HKU. With its first-class institution and ranked as Asia’s #1 MBA Programme, HKU was the top choice for me to embark on my MBA journey. I am confident that the HKU MBA programme will equip me with  dynamic insights into the fast and ever-changing Asia market. Asia now lies at the centre of business ventures worldwide, with Hong Kong being the main financial hub, a city that is full of entrepreneurial spirit.

I chose the part-time MBA programme at HKU because it gives me great flexibility to balance a work-study life, allowing me to pursue my studies while living and working in this vibrant city. The close-knit culture of the programme has allowed me to meet classmates from all walks of life and from various industries across different sectors. I am extremely proud to be a member of the HKU MBA family and look forward to the continuation of this journey!

Industry: Higher Education
Company: The University of Hong Kong
Job Title: Manager, Career Development & Training, MBA Programme