Full time MBA

Tim Chan

Tim Chan
Class of 2012
Hong Kong

Before joining HKU MBA I worked in HSBC’s Retail Banking business. After I completed the MBA, I briefly worked at Shangri-La and HSBC before landing a strategic role in MetLife, a leading global insurance company.

The knowledge of the global business world I acquired through the dynamics of case study and LBS partnership in the HKU MBA definitely exceeded my expectations. The right mix of nationalities in my class also helped me to appreciate different cultures, which is an essential skillset in my new role. I made new friends from both inside and outside the classroom who all supported each other along the way even after graduation. Career Development and Training not only provided professional career training but also connected me with many top tier companies. In fact, my job interview with MetLife was referred by Career Development and Training.

In 2016, I joined UA Finance to set up the new Business Intelligence Department with the goal of promoting fact-based, data-driven culture across the whole company. Over a period of 2-years, we have successfully applied business intelligence, advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to explore new business opportunities, achieve higher profitability and enforce better risk management in this market-leading consumer finance company. I have just moved to Bank of East Asia to cover Business Intelligence, Big Data and Market Insights functions. Doing that, we aim to make possible strong growth by providing business insights and customer understanding from all the data we have.

In a nutshell, I highly value the experience gained and would recommend HKU MBA to anyone who is considering a world-class MBA programme.

Industry: Insurance
Company: FWD Insurance
Job Title: Deputy Head of Data/ Director, Customer Analytics