Full-time MBA

Ted Chou

Ted Chou
Class of 2016

I was working as a software engineer before coming to HKU to take courses on consulting, strategy and finance. A lot of the material I had not  encountered before, but I believe that the diverse group in the MBA programme helped me acclimatise to the class seamlessly. A lot of people would look for a postgraduate degree that is more specialised and narrow, but I always believed that a wider vision is essential to a more comprehensive understanding of the tasks you are doing. Having worked routinely for the previous year, I was looking to migrate to a consulting role rather than working purely as a developer in my longer term career. The MBA has helped me to justify and make the transition to the key aspect of my career.

HKU MBA was not only an intellectual inspiration but also an adventurous opportunity for me. The programme allowed me to live in and experience  three big cities that motivated me to make bolder moves in my career. I think that I would not have had the courage to apply for jobs in Japan – where I had always wanted to live – were it not for the experiences of living in an unfamiliar place such as London and travelling around Europe.

I would strongly recommend the programme to anyone who is looking for a transition in their career, has a desire to relocate or simply wants to learn something new.