Part Time MBA

Stephanie Kwan

Stephanie Kwan
Class of 2013
Hong Kong

I started off my career in KPMG and obtained the professional accounting qualification after 3 years. Since then I have joined various financial institutions in the areas of business planning and analysis and now I am the financial controller of one of the business segments in BOCHK.

If you are an accountant, especially in the current era of academic inflation, you’re likely no stranger to the following question: should you get an MBA? My answer is yes. An MBA can be invaluable for accountants. Forget about day-to-day financial reporting and analysis. HKU MBA programme has brought me broader skills and offered the chance of extensive networking. For example, it covers all areas of business, from global economy, strategy and  investment to marketing, supply chain, IT, HR and more, which a typical accountant may not have much chance to explore. It also includes lots of activities that teach you how to talk and think critically. Most importantly, I can experience group learning dynamics, interact with a diversified group of professions and be inspired by them. This knowledge, these skills and this experience are essential to moving up the career ladder. Differentiating is the key to success and HKU MBA can equip you for this. Be prepared to learn a great deal and enjoy!

Industry: Financial Services
Company: HSBC
Job Title: Finance Manager