Full time MBA

Shuhei Aoki

Shuhei Aoki
Class of 2013

3 years after my MBA, I moved from structured finance to the M&A advisory field, and I’m currently engaged in cross-border M&A deal closing. My MBA experience helped my career change by deepening my finance expertise and expanding my network in Asia. I will keep positioning myself to contribute to clients and society through my career, using my experience in HKU MBA, the precious asset in my life.

Before my MBA, I worked as an associate managing securitized products and loans in a servicer. Since my MBA, I’ve started my career as a product officer of structured finance in a bank, which is related to my previous job in terms of real estate finance, but is different because my current role is more dynamic as a risk taker.

Through Career Development and Training (CDT), I was given some interviews and introductions to jobs. Also, I prepared my CV and for my interviews with CDT’s advice.