Part-time MBA

Serena Cai

Serena Cai
Class of 2023
Hong Kong

What was your background prior to joining the HKU MBA programme?

I am the chief executive officer of a start-up company in Hong Kong which focuses on the application of crypto and blockchain technology. I am also in charge of a private research institution, providing our clients with strategic consulting services in private equity investment, international relations, and innovation and technology. I help with the running of a non-profit organisation that promotes cultural exchange through the introduction of Chinese artworks and humanism to the world and I am a part-time lecturer for the Hong Kong Studies programme at the University of Hong Kong where I teach courses on gender studies and consumer culture.

Why did you choose HKU MBA?

I graduated from HKU with a PhD in gender relations and Chinese food culture. As an alumnus of HKU, and after spending several wonderful years here, I have been deeply influenced by the motto “Wisdom and Virtue” and the vision of the university. I have always been proud of being an HKU graduate and I hope I can contribute more to this superior university by creating a bigger impact. Therefore, this MBA programme was my first choice. It is one of the top MBA programmes across all the major rankings and its focus on Asia-Pacific, especially on Chinese business, perfectly meets my needs.

What are your expectations of studying for an MBA?

My doctoral studies focused on cultural and social studies, and it is through my interdisciplinary learning experience that I gradually realised my keen interest in connecting scholarly ideas to business practices. I believe it is time for me to get an MBA to equip myself with solid business knowledge and to enhance my comprehensive skills in management and leadership.
I see this MBA journey as a process for the renewal of my intellectual skills by putting them into practice. The MBA course will also help to increase the influence and size of the institutions I am running.

How is your experience so far?

The MBA journey has so far been amazing! Although we have had to switch to online learning from time to time due to the pandemic, our professors are all committed and professional. More importantly, we have a very diverse class from different countries and work in different industries. The in-class sharing and out-of-class team discussions are some of the most inspiring moments of my study. We learn a lot from our peers and the friendship we build up will never end.