Full-time MBA

Sam Greenwood

Sam Greenwood
Class of 2020

Coming from a background in government affairs, I decided to pursue an MBA to build a broader and deeper understanding of what it takes to create and implement a successful corporate strategy focusing on Asia. There are some very exciting trends across the region, from the fastest-growing middle class to the Belt and Road Initiative that are creating incredible opportunities which companies will be eager to capitalize on for the rest of my professional career. I think with an HKU MBA I’ll be able to make myself an attractive candidate to participate in exciting roles that are developing the region.

The first term has been very intense and fast-paced with school work, getting to know classmates and exploring different industries and career paths through networking with alumni and companies.

The growth and exploration that this programme has afforded me so far has greatly exceeded my expectations and allowed me to build a great network.

Industry: Fintech
Company: CryptoBLK
Job Title: Program Manager