Full-time MBA

Sakshi Gulati

Sakshi Gulati
Class of 2020

My learning curve began with my undergraduate studies major in commerce. As a professional, I have worked with KPMG and Deloitte where diversity was intrinsic to the organisation. Interacting with colleagues across verticals and handling clients to meet timelines, working on assignments and international projects and learning to grow as a team has been a journey of a lifetime. Working with over 15 leading clients in India and globally and interacting with CXOs level people has helped me to make contacts and develop public speaking skills.

At the relatively raw age of 24, I dared to think unconventionally and launched my venture “Yell to Wedding Bells” in India, by spending countless hours to study the market and understand the gaps that the marriage industry in the country is facing.

Why HKU and Why Hong Kong?

The HKU MBA’s case based approach provides just what I need from my time at the campus. The small class size provides extensive collaboration among classmates and the good mix of diverse profiles that HKU takes in provides the best fit. We have people from manufacturing, supply chain, finance, consulting, aviation, film industry, telecom and more. The global vision at HKU provides excellent networking opportunities at other world-renowned schools, such as LBS & Columbia, and business hubs. This is an important factor that aligns with my goal with understanding of what global business really means.

The strong alumni network, along with talented peers from a diversity of backgrounds will help me widen my own network and, in turn, lead to greater business potential.

Hong Kong is known as “We are the world” for its international culture and food, which is one of the reasons which brought me here. More than 115 countries have consulates in Hong Kong which indicates that non-natives are quite common in the city. A 20-minute drive from just about anywhere will take you to idyllic beaches and hiking trails through lush green mountains. Hong Kong is also equipped with convenient and pocket friendly public transport- big buses, little buses, tramway, MTR/railways, ferries, you name it, they have it and they are all interconnected, making Hong Kong’s network one of the most sophisticated in the world.

My Journey so far at HKU

As a child, I still remember the conversation my father and I had in high school, “Entrepreneurs seldom intend to become entrepreneurs. They run into situations where they cannot avoid becoming entrepreneurs,” he said. Hong Kong is known as the world’s largest hub for incubators. With HKU MBA’s leading elective course, Business Lab for Incubators, you can get the best platform to give life to your ideas by creating a real business and not just the plan.  This course invites guest speakers (Leaders in Start-ups), who acts as a “reality check” and as a source of potential networking opportunities whilst leading topic‐specific sessions and offering generous amounts of time to the students for questions and answers.

My journey so far has been amazing, with people from different nations including USA, Canada, China, Korea, India, and Australia making the class interaction global. During our case-based approach in class, we discuss organisational and cultural examples from all these countries. The China Immersion programme in Beijing, prior to the MBA programme, where we explored and learned Chinese culture, CQ (Cultural Quotient) is the new need of the hour because EQ (Emotional Quotient) has always been prevalent and dominating.

HKU’s community, network, social impact, and curriculum are all one of a kind. With the HKU clubs, including the Consulting Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Women’s Leadership Club, and Finance and Banking Club, we get the opportunity to learn, share and grow as a professional.  I am privileged to be the President of the Consulting Club.

To be a thought leader, address real-world problems, navigate social change and create social value are core parts of my learning at HKU!