Part-time MBA

Sahil Talwar

Sahil Talwar
Class of 2019
Hong Kong

I have been in Hong Kong for over 7 years now. When I first moved here in 2013, I was working with a consultancy, supporting AXA Insurance on their digital initiatives and then I later moved on to HSBC in 2015. It was during this transition that I thought of applying for the prestigious HKU MBA programme. With HSBC I was working as a Product Owner, responsible to implement intelligent data science products like recommendation engines, chat bots etc. to deliver personal and relevant experiences to our Retail Banking customers.

Post my MBA at HKU, I was confident enough to move on and start as a Senior Manager with Deloitte Consulting, China, supporting Actuarial and Insurances Services.

While I was researching MBA ratings I was impressed and confident to choose HKU for a couple of reasons,

1) Its strong alumni network and presence
2) Student diversity and
3) Its recognition all over the world

I believe that the most valuable learning from my MBA experience was via different case studies that we had covered in almost all modules. This not only helped me to build a solid foundation of different business domains but also pushed me to look beyond books and experience real life scenarios. It emphasized on the practical side of business, rather than just academics.

The valuable sessions with guest lectures and networking events further gave me an opportunity to make real and valuable connections across almost all walks of life. Reminds me of the Business Lab, which gave us a platform to pitch our business ideas to real investors. HKU Business School gives you a pool of such opportunities.

I chose the weekend study mode for my two years as I was working on a global role and had to attend late evening conference calls. Studying at the weekend classes, allowed me to manage my time better, and enabled me to balance my Monday-Friday job and the MBA. I was also lucky enough to have a supportive and flexible team at HSBC, which is an important factor when considering an MBA along with a full time job.

I believe that it is never too late to study. Once you are in, grab every opportunity available during your HKU MBA journey. The friends, connections and networks you build during your time at HKU are assets that will support you throughout your life both professionally and personally. These are lifelong relationships! Another benefit of being an HKU student is that you have very competitive cohorts who push you to do better and faculty members who supports and impart great practical knowledge. I’ve already recommended the programme to my friends, close family and would strongly recommend anyone who considers applying, to take the leap – you won’t regret it!

Industry: Management Consulting
Company: Deloitte China
Job Title: Senior Manager