Full time MBA

Rose Zhang

Rose Zhang
Class of 2015
Shanghai, China

I joined HKU MBA programme with the intention of expanding my horizon and making friends from different background. Prior to MBA, I worked in FMCG and retail industry for nearly 6 years and I felt it’s quite difficult for me to make any significant breakthrough. Therefore I believe it was time for me to take a long “vacation”, recharge myself with fresh knowledge and equip myself well for future challenges.

During 14 months in HKU and LBS, I enjoyed great experiences not only in classrooms but also with my classmates from different nations and industries. HKU and LBS partnered programme fulfills all my requirements for MBA programme since it is closely connected to china market and keeps high global exposure. Diversified classmates offered me various perspectives and ways of thinking, oversea experiences enabled me to think globally, and courses I took equipped me with theoretical ideas.

Thanks to amazing experience in HKU MBA, I was successfully rehired and promoted to my dream position in Shanghai. Although I’m back to busy office life now, I will cherish and memorize MBA experience forever.