Full time MBA

Rose Liu

Rose Liu
Class of 2016
Shanghai, China

Prior to my MBA, I was working for BMW-Brilliance Automotive as a supplier quality engineer. This required a lot of focus on detail and problem solving skills and, as my knowledge of the automotive industry deepened and my work experience accumulated, I became more and more curious about the work of other departments and even other industries. The MBA came as an excellent bridge at that point since it not only addressed my doubts about work, but it also allowed me to think better and plan my career path for the following 5 to 10 years.

My time in HKU MBA was busy yet fulfilling, as I had to learn like a sponge, trying to absorb as much as possible, given the calibre of my fellow classmates and professors. We not only learnt from the professors and instructors, but also learnt to teach and inspire each other, relating corporate experiences to academic courses. With 52 fellow classmates from distinctive backgrounds and different cultures, our pre-formed views and values were able to clash, just to reform and reshape themselves.

HKU MBA is definitely an experience that is worth investing in, and it will benefit me for the rest of my career and personal life.