Full-time MBA

Rosa Yoon

Rosa Yoon
Class of 2017
South Korea

I worked for global cosmetics brands in Korea, such as The Body Shop, Estee Lauder and Christian Dior. I was most interested in the cosmetics industry, especially in marketing. I joined HKU MBA because my next goal was to join the Asia-Pacific headquarters of a cosmetic brand to experience not only the Korean market but also other Asian markets.

Firstly, the HKU MBA with its geographic location in Hong Kong as a hub of Asia provided me with a variety of international business cases and a network. This exposure to a variety of global environments was an opportunity for me to broaden my thinking. Once I graduated from the HKU MBA, this experience was helpful to managing brand marketing in APAC countries.

Secondly, the Career Development Office (CDO) helped me to find a job opportunity through an MBA internship at M.A.C Hong Kong. During the internship there, I learnt about the cosmetics industry in Hong Kong and Chinese customers. Additionally, variety of workshops provided by CDO allowed me to network with people who worked in the cosmetics and marketing industry in Hong Kong. This internship experience was the key factor to finding my next job at the MBX (MEMEBOX) head offices, after the MBA.

After graduating from the HKU MBA, I joined MBX HQs in Korea as a head of the Global Brand Strategy team and now I am working as the head of the Regional Marketing team(APAC) in the Asia business development division. MBX is an innovative K-Beauty brand incubator that launched I DEW CARE and Kaja in the U.S., and Pony Effect, I’M MEME, Shine Easy Glam and Nooni in South Korea.

My work focuses on brand management. I am exposed directly to the Head Office’s strategy and, at the same time, experience various cases in different countries, mainly Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. Now I oversee overall marketing operations for mainland China including Product, Influencers, E-commerce and Public Relations.

Industry: Cosmetics
Company: Memebox Corporation
Job Title: Asia Regional Marketing Team Leader_APAC