Full-time MBA

Nikki Lim

Nikki Lim
Class of 2020

January 2020 marks my 6th month staying in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has always been one of my favorite places to visit as this is an ever-changing city that is dynamic in its culture and people. Hong Kong is a mash-up of modern skyscrapers and uninterrupted vistas which can have an appeal for anyone that passes through the city.

Since starting the HKU MBA programme, the experience in Hong Kong has been nothing short of exciting. We have celebrated holidays and festivals together. From the mooncake festival luncheon to the Christmas gift exchange party, we were introduced to these celebrations and were able to experience the cultural and emotional aspect of the celebration that other classmates value. On a random evening or a day without classes, we can always count on someone from the bunch who will be ready for a new adventure – hiking, volunteering, trying out new food or going for drinks.

In every class, I was able to learn new skills and gather different perspectives from the professors and my classmates who hail from a diversity of international backgrounds.

Apart from the classroom experience, we were assigned to a mentor from the relevant industry to enhance our leadership skills and provide valuable personalised advice on our professional and personal growth. The mentor who was assigned to me has a vast experience in the industry that I was interested in and an extensive network within that industry. Through the mentorship, I was able to improve my interview skills, define my career goals and gain a wider perspective on the career that I’d like to pursue.

Our time in Hong Kong is coming to an end and we part ways to London Business School, Columbia Business School and Fudan University. Up to this point, the in-class and outdoor experience shared with my cohort has created the most value for me. Everyone has their MBA experience and goals but the skills I acquired and the network gained from this programme have opened my eyes to new opportunities and a different perspective and viewpoint.