Part-time MBA

Maggie Ying

Maggie Ying
Class of 2016

Since graduating from Fudan University with a Bachelor of Economics degree, I have been working as a finance expert and head of an SCB accounting team in the sales financing department of Huawei. I have experienced Huawei’s growth from a local Chinese company to a leading ICT multinational corporation in the world. I was also  posted to Thailand, Malaysia, and India for five years to gain precious front-line experience abroad.

The ceaseless new needs of treasury mean that I have to progressively enhance my knowledge. I have to understand complex emerging business strategies, economic policies, management practices and financial developments across the world. I hope to study these systematically through the MBA programme.

The HKU MBA programme has proved essential in helping me broaden the scope of my knowledge and setting me on a wider professional path. This programme will  be of great help to me in climbing the company ladder, now and later. I have also forged relationships with professors, fellow students and alumni, and extended my network of business contacts.