Full time MBA

Kyoji Fukuda

Kyoji Fukuda
Class of 2019
Hong Kong

There is much of value that an MBA programme can offer. I can tell prospective MBA candidates with confidence that the MBA is suitable for those who are seeking to switch careers. After completing HKU MBA, I managed to change all aspects of my career, industry, function and location, in just one year.

In my pre-MBA days, I had a stable career as an aviation professional with 10 years of experience in managing and operating Narita International Airport in Japan. After HKU MBA, I landed a career in a completely different industry in Hong Kong as a project manager at a U.S. Fin-tech/SaaS firm which offers a cloud-based solution to world-wide clients in 170 countries.

It has been truly a transformational career shift to move from a traditional company that manages a key domestic infrastructure with a legacy of decades to a fast-paced industry where products are boundless and evolve constantly. Thanks to the wide exposure I was given in the course of HKU MBA, I was able to manage the transition smoothly.

First of all, HKU MBA programme allows students to flexibly customise learning experiences. Before deciding on my next career direction, I needed a breadth of perspectives to gain a general understanding of the current business landscape. Some of the interesting courses I took included “AI for Business Leaders” and “Marketing for Tech-Intensive Industries.” The contents of the courses were up-to-date to help students stay current and they convinced me to pursue a career in the industry I am currently in.

Second, the diversity in the classroom was a good representation of Asia’s business dynamics and Hong Kong’s highly international workforce. A full year of intense interaction with both full-time students, who came from 16 different countries/regions, and part-time students, who are already leading successful careers in Hong Kong, has prepared me to communicate effectively with my current teammates and clients, who come from a spread of backgrounds.

I thank HKU MBA for allowing me to be exposed to a wide array of knowledge and networks in such a short period of time. The meaningful learning experiences at HKU MBA helped me gain confidence and explore opportunities beyond what I thought was available to me before pursuing an MBA.

Industry: Information Technology & Services
Company: Merrill Corporation
Job Title: Project Manager